The goal of psyntur is primarily to provide some functions and data-sets that are helpful with teaching statistics and data analysis to students in the Psychology Department at Nottingham Trent University.


You can install the development version of psyntur using devtools:


If devtools is not available, install it with install.packages('devtools').

The source code is available here:


tukeyboxplot(y = time, x = task, data = vizverb, by = response)

shapiro_test(time, by = task, data = vizverb)
#> # A tibble: 2 x 3
#>   task   statistic  p_value
#>   <chr>      <dbl>    <dbl>
#> 1 verbal     0.861 0.000168
#> 2 visual     0.914 0.00512


Vignettes explaining the main functions provides by psyntur are as follows:

In addition, all functions and data sets are listed here, each with links to their help pages.